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Whether a high-volume commercial project or a simple leaky faucet in your home, Heartland Plumbing and Sewer is committed to providing high quality service based upon four core principles:

  • Old-fashioned values
  • Commitment to our customers
  • Superior knowledge
  • Trust

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Heartland offers commercial and residential services:

New Construction & Remodel Services

Heartland Plumbing is ready to help with all new construction and remodeling projects.  Our goal is to provide a service that helps move the project along quickly and stress free from start to finish.  We are highly trained to handle projects large and small.  We have extensive experience in high end custom home building, complete home and building remodeling, as well as large commercial projects.  Whatever the project, we are ready to help!

Annual Preventative Maintenance & Inspections  |  Catching small issues early, prevents bigger issues later 
Heartland Plumbing will visit your home or business and complete a thorough plumbing inspection.  Once the inspection is complete, we will advise you on any issues that were found and discuss any and all options to address the problems.  As part of the preventative maintenance program, during our inspection, we will give your water heater a complete inspection and tune up.  Draining and flushing your water heater on a regular basis can save money and improve the longevity of the tank.

Garbage Disposals
Heartland Plumbing offers garbage disposal installation, repair, and replacement.  

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Gas Line Installation
Whether you are adding a gas line or simply updating your existing piping, Heartland Plumbing will install your gas line safely and efficiently.

Leak Repair
Heartland Plumbing will locate the source of the leak and give you all possible solutions for the repair.  With more than one option, you can decide what is best for your home or business.

Low Water Pressure
There are many reasons for low water pressure.  Heartland Plumbing specializes in home and business piping upgrades.  Depending on the cause of low water pressure, you can choose what solution is best for your home or business.

New Fixture Installation
Every fixture is unique in its installation.  Heartland Plumbing can install your new fixture to insure a quality installation that will last for the life of the fixture.

Sewer Rodding & Repair
Sewer problems can be devastating.  Heartland Plumbing will clean your sewer of any blockages quickly, while keeping cleanliness a priority.  For sewers that have deteriorated, a complete inspection of the problem will be performed.  After all possible solutions are discussed you can decide which option is best for your home or business.

Sump Pumps
When heavy rain pours into your community, sump pumps are vital to keeping your basement dry.  Heartland Plumbing offers complete installations of quality sump pumps to constantly protect your basement from flooding.  For those asking for a little more safety, our battery backup systems can compliment your sump pump, giving you total protection.

Toilet Repair & Replacement
Whether a toilet is running or just not flushing like it should, Heartland Plumbing repairs all brands of toilets.  If replacement is what you are looking for, we can help decide which toilet is right for you.

Water Heaters
The number of choices in water heating systems is growing every day.  Whether it is a tank type, tankless, or a hybrid system, choosing the system that is right for you can be a little confusing at times.  Heartland Plumbing is here to walk you through each system so you can make the decision that is right for you and your budget.

Water Treatment

Clean water is a priority today.  After assessing your water quality, Heartland Plumbing can install the water filtration system that is right for you.  Each system installed is capable of delivering bottle quality water straight from your tap.  

Hard water can lead to scale buildup on the inside of pipes, water heater, and on fixtures themselves.  If left untreated, the scale buildup will lead to future problems.  Heartland Plumbing can install your water softener to combat scale build up and deliver soft water at each faucet.

24/7 Emergency Service

In a pickle? Call 630.777.5134!

We know that plumbing emergencies don’t always happen between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm. This is why we offer 24/7 emergency service for all new and existing customers. For all emergencies, please call us at 630.777.5134 or simply fill out the form below and a service technician will get back to you shortly.

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Honest Service
"Brandon Roberts has done a lot of work for us over the years.  Projects ranging from repairing a leaky toilet and unplugging triple basin drain systems to designing and installing automated plumbing and valve systems and natural gas lines on our industrial equipment.  His work is always high quality, and he does a good job of involving us in the project design. 

He has taken projects that involve very specific industrial applications, and coordinated well with the design team so that his plumbing portion is planned and coordinated with other trades for both design and installation.  Brandon works well with both management and the trades. He has also done the simple work without any guidance at all. Brandon is very knowledgeable about codes and safety considerations, and he does projects the right way. 

He is a “Make it happen guy”, and he stands behind his work.  I know I can rely on him, so I do, quite often. "


Andy Schwarzbauer
Strata-Tac, St. Charles IL

brandon's blog

Summer Plumbing Tips

Summer is here!  When it is hot outside, one particular faucet is in high demand, the hose-bib.  Hose-bibs are used all summer long while watering the lawn and flowers, washing the car, filling the pool, and even soaking the kids down to beat the heat.  The convenience of a hose-bib is obvious.  However, repairing the faucet can be a little tricky. 

Problem #1:  Garden hose leaks

Quite often, you will turn on the hose-bib only to find a nice cool mist coming from a garden hose connection.  Is it time to grab the pliers?  Not usually.  “So why does it seem that every year another connection is leaking?”  Well to answer the question, you have to understand what is actually sealing the connection.  Creating a water tight joint is different in every application.  In the case of a hose connection, the small rubber washer inside the coupling seals the joint. 

Although this is no major breakthrough in science, we can now understand why these connections are leaking.  Rubber is great for water connections if it remains in contact with water.  Once the water is dried from the rubber for a period of time, it begins to deteriorate.  In terms of the garden hose, when you store the hose away for the winter, these washers deteriorate before you wash your first car in the spring.  So before you crank and crank with pliers to get the connection to be leak free, think about replacing the cheap rubber washers.  Your garden hose should be able to come on and off with no tools.  After all, garden hoses are supposed to be convenient.

Problem #2:  Hose-bib will not stop dripping

Hose-bibs are quite simple in design, but can be overwhelming when they do not operate properly.  The handle of the faucet is connected to a long stem, usually between 6 and 12 inches long.  At the tip of the stem, a rubber washer is fastened.  As you turn the handle the rubber washer seats against the body of the hose-bib to effectively shut the water off to the faucet.  Over time grooves can develop in the washer allowing the water to trickle past.  As you tighten the handle even tighter, the grooves will deepen and eventually the drips will return. 

Another cause of a dripping hose-bib can be debris caught up at the washer not allowing the washer to seat properly.  Either case involves removing the handle/stem and making repairs.  A licensed plumber can make these repairs if you are not comfortable with the task.

Problem #3: The water leaks from the handle only when it is on

Every time you turn the water on to the faucet, stress is placed on the packing nut.  The packing nut is a nut directly behind the handle.  It is what actually holds the handle and stem securely in the faucet.  Over time the nut can gradually loosen up allowing water to seep past the handle.  The fix can be as simple as tightening up the packing nut.  Hose-bibs do not have to be a nuisance.  A little maintenance will make for a leak free hose-bib.
Why we're different

Focused on old-fashioned customer service

Heartland Plumbing & Sewer, Inc. is a family owned, full-service, modern plumbing company based on simple old fashioned values. Here at Heartland, we strive each and every day to ensure and deliver complete customer satisfaction with honest, professional, courteous service, with the highest level of quality workmanship.

Serving residential and commercial customers throughout Illinois, Heartland Plumbing is licensed, bonded and insured for our customer’s protection and peace of mind. We offer quality plumbing services at the most reasonable rates. We also provide same day service!

We understand that you have many options when it comes to plumbing contractors. Here at Heartland Plumbing, we excel in helping you solve your plumbing problems and strive to be your plumbing contractor of choice. Heartland Plumbing takes immense pride in the way we take care of our customers, and it is our goal that your choice will be us!


Fair Pricing

"Brandon Roberts of Heartland is the best and most reliable contractor we regularly hire for work at our home.

Over the years, we've used him for everything from small jobs, such as fixing minor pipe leaks and installing new fixtures, to more elaborate jobs, such as constructing and installing above-ground plumbing and an ejector pump system.
He always responds quickly to emergency matters and provides reasonable prices under all circumstances.

Finally, he spends the necessary time to clearly explain our different repair options, which always allows us to make well-informed decisions.

We are very grateful for his professional plumbing services and frequently recommend him to others."


Imelda Murawski
Riverside, IL